Week 1 Homework and Course Site

For week 1 there is the group assignment and readings, including watching the week 2 lecture before the workshop this Friday.

Please register and login to our EdX course website: https://www.technology-venture.com/

Week 1 Homework 

  • All enrolled students will have to use our online platform: Technology Venture Academy – I’ll be publishing all student updates through there
  • Week 1 tasks in course and include:
    • Week 1 Assignment (worth 5%) – explanation video on EdX
    • Week 1 Readings – links on EdX
    • Make sure to submit your video prior to week 1 class so we can watch them and discuss – Submit it via the EdX platform submission area.
Week 2 Pre-class tasks
  • Watch the lecture, watch the videos and read the materials on EdX

Resources and videos: You’ll also notice on the EdX course we have extra resources and video content pages. Please explore and have a look.