Technology Venture Creation is the leading technology entrepreneurship course at The University of Sydney. It aims to provide budding  entrepreneurs with the tools and knowledge to take an idea and turn it into a world class technology company.

Taught by experienced entrepreneurs and venture capitalists Matt Barrie (Chief Executive of Freelancer.com and Inaugural BRW Entrepreneur of the Year), and Bill Bartee (Managing Partner at Southern Cross Venture Partners), this course will provide practical knowledge in evaluating business concepts, developing a business plan, forming a founding team, pitching your business, the fundraising process, protecting intellectual property, understanding financials, and developing a go-to-market strategy.

The course will be heavily industry focused, and each week an experienced entrepreneur or financier will guest lecture a topic. The class will be divided into teams of four, with each member of the team assuming a role (Chief Executive, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Techology Officer). Over the period of the course, each team will turn an idea into a fundable technology business, by developing a business plan, a pitch and financials. Course evaluation will consist of a series of checkpoints, where the pitch and business plan will be reviewed as well as participation in class discussions. The final assessment for the course will consist of each team pitching their business to a panel of real world investors and entrepreneurs.

Technology Venture Creation will require intense dedication from each of the teams to evolve their concept into a business and prepare their business plans. Those that have a passion for starting a technology company will find the course extremely rewarding.

Similar courses overseas, such as at Stanford, has seen the formation of companies such as Yahoo and Excite from plans presented in class. From the 1998 class of IE273 that the course lecturer Matt Barrie took, the class members went off to found companies including Paypal, Andale (acquired by Vendio), Like.com, Freelancer.com, Gigabeat (acquired by Napster) and many others.

Real companies have already formed from TVC graduates; Leasate (TVC’10) secured financing from Internet Entrepreneur Simon Clausen to disrupt the real estate industry and Minefold (TVC’11) recently graduated from the YCombinator program in the US and more recently Edisse and CloudHerd (TVC’12).

The class size is limited to at most 40 students (10 teams of 4). We will assemble teams after the class starts, so you don’t have to come with one. To be accepted into the course, you must fill in the course enrolment form. We will not be accepting anyone in the course who does not fill in this form.

Also, most importantly, you must come to the first class prepared with some ideas for starting a business! Enrolment is open to final year engineering (all schools), computer science and IT bachelor students, as well as honours and postgraduate.


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