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      1. Nimish

        Dear Stephen,

        I just sent an inquiry using general contact form on Sydney Uni Website.

        I am Science Bachelor with 7+ years of operations experience in an Web Development company. My query is, can I enroll for this course directly? (as this is a unit in Masters Degree).


  1. Cassandra

    Hi there,
    I’m a Bachelor Commerce student looking to enrol but have been told by the Business SIO that I am unable to do the subject as it’s listed as a post graduate – is this correct? Despite mentioning that it’s clearly stated here that enrolment has been opened to all final year students in Bachelor degrees, the person I spoke to said that it was definitely not possible. Is there anyone else I would speak to in order to get this sorted out?


    1. techventurecreation Post author

      The course is definitely open to all final year students in Bachelor degrees. Talking to that department again, preferably to a different person, or directly to Timetabling may work. If you need any supporting documentation we can put you in contact with the course co-ordinator.

      1. Cassandra

        If I could get that supporting documentation that would actually be great, I don’t want to waste my time going to the SIO and getting turned down again. My email address is
        Am I correct in hoping that as long as I read the material listed in “TVC Homework #1” and turn up at 3pm on Friday I won’t be too far behind in the course?


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