Week 1 Homework and Course Site

For week 1 there is the group assignment and readings, including watching the week 2 lecture before the workshop this Friday.

Please register and login to our EdX course website: https://www.technology-venture.com/

Week 1 Homework 

  • All enrolled students will have to use our online platform: Technology Venture Academy – I’ll be publishing all student updates through there
  • Week 1 tasks in course and include:
    • Week 1 Assignment (worth 5%) – explanation video on EdX
    • Week 1 Readings – links on EdX
    • Make sure to submit your video prior to week 1 class so we can watch them and discuss – Submit it via the EdX platform submission area.
Week 2 Pre-class tasks
  • Watch the lecture, watch the videos and read the materials on EdX

Resources and videos: You’ll also notice on the EdX course we have extra resources and video content pages. Please explore and have a look.


Matt Barrie presents Think Big

As part of the first Technology Entrepreneurship Lecture Series, we welcome Matt Barrie, Chief Executive of Freelancer.com, who will be presenting the talk “Think Big!” – A Panorama of the technology industry & inspiring talk for budding entrepreneurs.


The Technology Entrepreneurship Lecture Series is a weekly speaker keynote that brings together established leaders from across Australia to discuss topics around entrepreneurship, technology, business, innovation, investing and share their insights with budding entrepreneurs on campus.

Technology Entrepreneurship Lecture Series is in collaboration with The University of Sydney’s Technology Venture course (ELEC5701) and INCUBATE.


Lectures will occur every Friday from 5-6pm during semester 2 at the PNR Lecture Theatre 1 (Farrell Lecture Theatre) in the Engineering Precinct at the University of Sydney. Google Maps link.

Welcome TVC class of 2013

Technology Venture Creation starts again for the 2013 class! This year TVC will take on a slightly different structure combining video content through our Technology Venture Academy platform as well as workshops in conjunction with public guest lectures.

Get in touch for more information about the lectures or enrolment.

2013 Structure

This year TVC will feature a one hour compulsory workshop followed by a guest lecture as part of our Technology Entrepreneurship Lecture Series in conjunction with Incubate.

Guest lectures are open to the public and will be recored. Enrolled students are required to attend both the workshop and lecture.

New Lecture Location

Lectures will occur at the PNR Lecture Theatre 1 (Farrell Lecture Theatre) in the Engineering Precinct at the University of Sydney. Google Maps link.

TVC 2012 Pitch Day

For both guest panelists and the students, the TVC 2012 Pitch Day will take place in New Law Lecture Theatre 101 starting at 3pm sharp on Friday the 2nd of November. Following our pitches, TVC students and panelists are invited to attend the Sydney Genesis Entrepreneur Competition, where two of our TVC teams will be competing!

LT 101 is highlighted in red in the image below. The New Law Building is located along Eastern Avenue. This is the aerial view of the New Law building from Google Maps. Although Street View is not available, it may be helpful for directions to that specific part of the university.

New Law LT 101

For students who are presenting, it is highly recommended to get there early to ensure that any presentation material will work flawlessly.

Remember, five minutes to pitch your concept which will be followed by a brief Q&A. Not all members of your team need to present. Use whatever form of presentation you believe will convey your concept and impress the panelists. Finally, five copies of your business plan will be required before the pitch so that panelists have material to peruse before or after the presentations. A copy must also be sent digitally to Stephen at smerity@smerity.com with “TVC2012: ” as the subject. Your business plan should list all the team members and their University of Sydney SIDs.

Best of luck and we’ll see you Friday!

Congratulations to our winning teams at Pearcey Award Pitching Competition

On the 17th of October, three teams from TVC pitched at the NSW Pearcey Award presentation held at Parliment House. The teams were Don’t Panic, InfoSell and SimplyTrade. All the teams ended up receiving awards and praise from the judges and audience! InfoSell won the most popular start-up award, the Don’t Panic watch received third place and SimplyTrade received second place.

Pearcey Award presentation

Congratulations to all teams! Not only did you do TVC proud, but you also gained the first equity free funding to get your businesses started!

Profit & Loss Homework for 26th October

For the 26th of October, you’ll need to submit a P&L monthly for three years with annual summary columns. This will become part of your business plan if you haven’t written it already, so is one of the steps towards completing your final assessment. To help you, we suggest looking at the financials section of the sample business plan and the sample Profit & Loss document in the Private Documents section.

Ensure the expenses are credible. Remember things like wages, hiring staff, rent, travel, hosting, marketing (% of revenues), payroll tax, electricity, communications, computers, desks, furniture, and so on.

Homework for 12th October

For next lecture, each group needs to present a 3 to 4 minute presentation on their start-up. Slides and other material are up to your discretion. The format should strongly reflect that of a real world pitch. If your pitches are not starting to form strong and coherent messages at this point, you need to start working hard and fast – pitch day is coming and there can be no extensions!

You should also be beginning work on your final pitch and business plan now. We’ll provide exact specifications soon but for the most part they’ll reflect the examples of previous pitches and business plans available in the locked down section.